We've helped many people over the years and seeing our clients change, not just physically, but mentally,  has been so rewarding and it drives us on to help more people and do our bit to help encourage a healthier and fitter lifestyle for people around the world.  Following are just a few clients we have helped.  These are real people and not people that are made up to make us look good! 


I’ve known Chris for a few years now and a few weeks ago he came to me to help him with a transformation before his holiday. I had 8 weeks to get him into the best shape of his life! At the end of every week Chris emailed me picture updates and his nutrition was adjusted accordingly. 8 weeks later and Chris achieved his goal!

A few words from Chis -

' Having trained on a daily basis at a variety of gyms over a 15 year period I had generally considered that I possessed a fairly good level of gym training and nutritional experience aimed towards my goals at that particular time. That being said, engaging Peter to formulate a dedicated diet plan - a transformation - has been truly inspirational and I could not be happier with the results.

Throughout the transformation Peter has been fantastic. Peter has constantly adapted the diet on a weekly basis and more importantly, has been on hand (at any time by any means of communication) to support me throughout the transformation. Whilst the transformation has been tough, Peter’s years of experience and carefully selected meal plans have made the overall process and enjoyable and educational experience. I could not be happier!

In summary, working with Peter has been fantastic! His experience and knowledge base in my view, puts him at the top of his game - I have not come across a Personal Trainer with such an in-depth and broad knowledge base in all my 15 years of training. I could not emphasise enough to anyone reading this testimony how much I recommend Peter - the results have really been life changing. Thanks Peter!

Chris Stanley - Week 1 to week 8!

Chris Stanley - Week 1 to week 8!


Liam contacted us a couple of months ago with the goal to gain muscle and to reduce bodyfat. After Liam sent over his current food diary and training program I set too work writing an effective nutrition and training program for his goals. We are in regular contact making any changes that are needed and keeping on top of things. Liam even paid me a visit at Muscle Limit Gym for a personal training session as he’s so pleased with how it’s all progressing! A leg session was done and the next day he messaged me 'I f*%*#@% loved that session last night!’. I couldn’t be happier! We are now on to a strength phase where he is doing well in preparation for hypertrophy phase which we will be starting soon. Thanks for joining the Online team Liam!


Sofie contacted me a few months ago with regards to a nutrition program to benefit her dressage competitions. We arranged a consultation at Muscle Limit Gym to run through the benefits of a custom nutrition plan, talking about the benefits it will have for dressage and also how nutrition can really affect competition results in the sport. Also I covered the benefit of a custom fitness program to build strength and fitness for her sport not just nutrition.

We started straight away with the training taking place in Muscle Limit Gym, North London. I asked Sofie to write a totally honest food diary for the first week we made dramatic changes to her nutrition!

A few months down the line the results are coming in, Sofie recently won two of her competitions! Natural Physique are very proud to have another champion as part of our team! Well done Sofie!

' Peter has helped me massively with not only my diet and nutrition, which helps my stamina on a day to day basis but also strengthening my body which helps reduce injuries which all fellow equestrians will know is tough! I’ve also recently won a PSG Small Tour qualifier and my first FEI Grand Prix! Thanks Peter!'


Anastasia was introduced to me earlier in the year as she wanted to compete in her first bikini competition.  I started her contest prep 18 weeks out and by the end she done amazingly well and looked incredible,  very proud of her and her transformation.

'I'm 22 and I've been passionate about health and fitness for more than two years.  I joined a gym to lose weight and then realised I didn't want to be skinny but to be toned and fit.  I became so addicted to training and the great feeling you get and seeing my body change that I decided that I wanted to take it to a new level and step onstage!  

I had my goal but I needed help in regards to nutrition as just eating healthy wasn't enough to achieve it.  One of my friends recommended me to hire a prep coach who had helped him, and thats how I was introduced to Peter Chown.  Peter helped me a lot, monitoring my diet over the 18 week period.  We were constantly learning how my body was reacting and made tweaks to my diet when it was needed.  I also got massive psychological support during my prep which helped me get through the 18 weeks.

A big thank you to Peter, it has been a pleasure working with him and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve their dream body!'



Mike has been a client for a couple of years now at Fitness First.  He's a big man, 6'5 and as wide as a house!  Mike's built a good amount of size in that time.  We sat down and had a chat about continuing goals and he said his goal was to get very lean and have a set of abs.  Another goal was to add size to his legs after constant nagging from me, so Mike now trains his legs at Muscle Limit Gym once a week for the variety of equipment and more 'hardcore' atmosphere and they've changed a lot in six weeks!  So I had Mike on the Natural Physique Transformation nutrition plan.  This is very strict with a specific goal to get seriously lean, counting calories and macros (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and involves a serious amount of dedication.  His results have been fantastic and we are still going.  The following before and after photos were taken 6 weeks apart.  


My client Randhir has been with me for a few years now and he has been an inspiration with how he has turned his body, health and mindset around. From being very unfit, very unhealthy, Randhir has totally transformed himself to having a great level of fitness, great strength and he now makes much better food choices. He has not been on a 'diet' just sensible eating for his lifestyle and daily activities.  He has now become an inspiration to people in the gym and people around him.  I've made a short video to show Randhirs progress and also a testimonial from him. 

'If you’re serious about getting fit, in shape and presentable then Pete’s your man!

I’ve trained with Pete for 12 months now and look what happened! He’s got a knack of chipping away at the “FAT” week by week through no nonsense, quite intense workouts, teamed with sensible eating (not starving yourself) the formula just works!

Thanks Pete  for all the encouragement, support and arse kicking, plus most importantly saving me from that inevitable heart attack! Lets see what we can achieve in the next 12 months!'



My client Karen has been training with me since 2007 and she trains hard!  At 55 she is looking incredible, and she is strong with it, such an inspiration! 

'I was a keen Gymnast between the age of 14 & 16, even entered a few competitions and did fairly well, but could have done even better if I pursued my interest, but my working life then took over. I forged a busy Career and found time here and there to exercise. For many years I did various classes and worked out myself in the gym and sometimes at home with a mix of CV and light weights.  In doing this I guess I achieved some level of fitness but I lacked sufficient motivation to exercise regularly without fail and often went off the rails with my diet.  In the year 2000 at the age 40 I decided to stop messing around and invest in my health and fitness by using a Personal Trainer twice a week.  I used two different trainers for the first three years, one good and one not so good but did through time get some results.  In 2007 I was introduced to Pete Chown through the not so good trainer who was quitting the business.  I have for some years now trained with Pete twice a week.  Pete really does know every part of his business, he carefully ensures you get the technique correct and supports you very well.  Despite his large muscular frame and competitive success he is very amiable, easy to work with and can give you lots of good advice about your diet without being pushy.  Pete is an excellent trainer and can push you to work harder if that is needed or like me you might find you just work hard because you will find in working hard you will achieve greater results.  What I still find difficult is the motivation to train, for example; on a Sunday and Thursday I never look forward to training on the Monday or Friday, but the fact I have an appointment with Pete to train – I just go and do it rather than let him down, but feel great once it is done!  In all the seven years I have been training with Pete he has never cancelled a session which makes him very reliable.  I am now at the age of 55 and at a recent health check I was told I have excellent bone density, good defined muscle mass plus the lungs of a 40 year old so I must be doing something right in weight training twice a week with Pete!'



Terry came to me through a friend of mine as he heard about my titles that I won and the years I have been training.  He is part of Diversity, the winners of Britains Got Talent in 2009 and they still remain as popular as ever!  When we had a consultation I was expecting him to say he wanted to train to improve his dancing but no, he said he wanted to get bigger!  Ok, not what I was expecting but it was all good with me!  I knew he would have the discipline and Tel was very eager and full of enthusiasm.  Tel had already an interest in weights so he had a bit of knowledge and trained a bit anyway, so we went all out from the beginning, hard training, a total overhaul of his nutrition and my natural supplement plan, and I can honestly say that Tel made the quickest improvements I've seen in all my years as a trainer.  And he is still training harder than ever and has now entered the health and fitness industry himself as well as still keeping really busy with Diversity!  

After just 4 weeks Tel changed dramatically

After just 4 weeks Tel changed dramatically


Tamasin emailed me in late 2014 with regards to possibly competing in a figure competition.  Tams background was competitive boxing so I knew she would has the discipline and dedication to put her all into training for her goal.  Training for bodybuilding and figure competitions is no easy task, in fact it's one of the hardest sports to be involved in!  Tam is also a vegetarian so it was a challenge for me, but one I was up for. 

So our goal was to add some feminine muscle to create some more shape to her body then a strict diet for the lead up to her competition.  Tam has been a total pleasure to work with as she followed everything to the letter, put in 110% in the gym, the result being the best shape she has ever been in, plus she is such a great person with her feet firmly on the ground! 


'I decided to compete again and needed help.  I did my research and found Pete at  I had a consultation and felt instantly comfortable with Pete and we agreed we would work together for my competition. 

Even though I had competed before I would never have been able to do the prep without Pete.  Dieting was harder this time around but Pete was there to keep me going, give me guidance and a kick up the bum when I had doubts!  He got me into better condition than I ever had been before which has given me so much more confidence.

Also when I came to Pete my squats were terrible, I had poor technique so I couldn't lift very heavy which was also partly due to my lack of confidence with them.  With Pete's program this soon improved and I have now taken part in a powerlifting competitions as my strength had doubled!  

Thanks Pete, I look forward to working with you again!'



I trained Chelsea for couple of years and she totally transformed. She was a slim girl anyway but with a good training and nutrition regime she she toned up considerably and ate more than she ever ate!  But what was more inspiring was Chelsea's rising confidence and how she totally changed her outlook on life.  She became so confident she returned back home to Perth, Australia and built up a great business, met her husband and now has an awesome life with her family.  We have become great friends and she's a great inspiration to everyone!  Heres a few words form Chelsea -


'I just wanted to say a massive thank you from the bottom of my heart (or my not so droopy bum now) for helping me achieve what i never thought would have been possible - especially over such a short time.
From the minute I met with you at Fitness First to discuss my goals & dreams you took my bulging belly by the horns (so to speak) and motivated me beyond anything I could have imagined. Your pure determination to push me to my limit, keep me focused on my goals and teach me to always strive for further results still stays with me to this day a year later down the track.
All too frequently i tried 'fad diets' or started exercising but too soon I just gave up without seeing positive results. My focus definitely changed from wanting to lose pounds to actually focusing on achieving a lower body fat percentage. Within 4 weeks I definitely started seeing visible results. My friends & work colleagues could not believe the change in me both on a physical level but more so on an emotional level. Pete, I could never have achieved the results that I have & kept it off for this long without you & more importantly I want to thank you for helping me believe in myself & that anything at all is possible if you are prepared to put your mind & body to it & of course have the right trainer!
By you inspiring me you have in turn inspired my family & friends to realize that you can achieve great results if you really want it!
Thanks again Pete!'


Australian Business Woman


'After a five year absence from the bodybuilding stage (and a few kg’s heavier), I decided to hit the gym and get my nutrition in order to compete again in 2008. I was fortunate enough to have Peter take me under his wing for the year and get me in the best shape of my life and become one of the top natural bodybuilders in the UK and New Zealand! He also intoduced me to the Garnell range of supplements, the combination of both Peter and GN produced results beyond what I imagined. 

I understand the important of nutrition and good quality supplements in any bodybuilding diet, and with the inspiration, dedication and positive attitude of Peter Chown by my side he put together a diet/supplement/training plan which resulted in me placing 2nd in the BNBF British championships on my first try.

Thanks Peter!'

William Uelese

BNBF British 2nd place 2008 and top New Zealand Natural Bodybuilder