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Natural Physique operates out of two gyms.  One gym is Muscle Limit Gym in Brimsdown, London and the other is Better Gym in Brentwood, Essex.  Both quite different gyms but both fantastic for personal training.  


20 Minutes Train Journey From Liverpool Street Station

Muscle limit Gym is a fantastic gym and a short 20 minute train journey from Liverpool Street station with a 5 minute walk from Brimsdown Station.  It is what is considered a 'hardcore' gym, the type of gym that are hugely popular these days.  No thrills, plenty of free weights and equipment for serious training, no jacuzzis and whale music here.  It's not a gym with attitude like many serious gyms I've trained at, it's a very friendly family run business that's just a fun place to be,  I've trained plenty of clients in 'Limits' over the years and after a session or two my clients love the place, I have clients that travel an hour or so to come and train with me there regularly.  

It is where I have trained for all my major titles and I still train there now.  Muscle Limit has been in business for over 20 years and I've been going there near enough from the start!  It's a gym I'm very passionate about.

Abbey Works

Lockfield Avenue





A great gym that is well equipped with Hammer Strength and Lifefitness equipment and right in the heart of the famous Brentwood town centre famous for the TOWIE tv program of course! There are plenty of car parks with a multi storey car park next door. If you are coming by train then it is a 10 minute walk from Brentwood train station.  

The Baytree Centre                    



CM14 4BX