Welcome To Natural Physique And Fitness!

Well, its taken me long enough but the old outdated site has now gone, and in comes the new look natural!  It's slimmed down a lot focusing on my business but over time it will be evolving,  featuring my new blog which you are reading now where I will be a lot more active with articles, tips and workouts, also Michelle will be blogging too.  Some of my old articles that were very popular from my old site and other sites will also be appearing in the future.  

I really want to use this site to help you,  help you to get moving, eating healthier and improving your mindset towards health and fitness.  My passion is bodybuilding, I'm still helping you all that are into that, I've taken on a handful of people this year for contest preparation,  but I know that's not for everyone,  not all of you want six packs and big guns,  some of you want to improve your health and fitness so I'll cover that.  

The personal training business has gone from strength to strength and I'm loving every minute of it, a few spaces have become available at  Muscle Limit Gym and are going fast, but has now moved into online coaching.  It's a great opportunity to help you if you aren't in our area, prices and more info will be up on the site asap.  

Anyway I'm not going to make my first blog go on forever rambling so just a quick one today.  

So all there is to say now is get up and exercise!